Paul Slutsky and ReMax Experience support Wilton Manors Stonewall Gay Pride Festival

Stonewall Parade on Wilton Drive

Gay and straight, couples from all walks of life came to Wilton Manors to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. It was a celebration where love and support for the Gay community just flooded over onto the main street of Wilton Drive. Wilton Drive was closed to traffic for the day.

The day started with local businesses and organizations from Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas showing their support. Wilton Drive was lined with booths and tables displaying the products and services which they offer to the community. It was a time where everyone, gay or straight came to show their love and support as a community.

ReMax experience was represented along Wilton Drive
ReMax Experience invited our friends to enjoy Pride from our “living room”

I was happy to be part of it. ReMax Experience showed our support with a booth on Wilton Drive. ReMax Experience tried to make everyone feel “at home” and invited our visitors to come into the living room setting which we created for them. We had a sofa, a chandelier and all the things to make our guests feel at home. We made an empty space into a home setting and spoke to as many people as we could. I personally met many new friends as well as many old ones too.

As the day progressed the excitement peaked. The highlight of the day for me was the Pride Parade. Local business, organizations, political candidates as well as many others flooded Wilton Drive. There were floats, cars and flatbeds, feathers, balloons and glitter galore. All of this just adding to the excitement.  The parade is an annual event that you shouldn’t miss.

Wilton Drive was the scene of the Stonewall Pride Parade
The Annual Pride Parade in Wilton Manors celebrating the rights for Gay individuals

Electronic Lockboxes Have Their Benefits – Paul Slutsky, Fort Lauderdale Realtor


supra report from box

• Electronic lockboxes are used by real estate agents:

Electronic lockboxes certainly have many benefits for real estate agents. I feel it’s important to show a property myself. Next to you, I should knows the ins and outs of your home the best.  However, sometimes it is just impossible to be able to attend every single showing. For these times, I use an electronic lockbox or as it is called, the iBox. iBox is a sophisticated key holder where your door key is placed and accessed by other realtors.

• Sophisticated level of security
Unlike the old combination lockbox, iBox has a very sophisticated level of security. Each licensed realtor is assigned their  very own “key fob” to open an iBox. The Greater Fort Lauderdale Board of Realtors assigns the fob. Each time a realtor uses his own fob to enter an iBoxes an email is immediately sent. This email alerts me that someone has entered the home.  The email contains detailed information. This information includes the date and time of the entry, name of the realtor, his/her phone number and email. A secure database online then maintains all of this information for future use.

The information has many benefits to me and you. If something was missing from your property, I would know who had accessed it last. With this knowledge I can then know who last entered the home.

As a homeowner you are going to ask me how many showings your property has had. Have their been repeat showing you may ask me.  I can then pull a report and tell you the number of showing which occurred along with the date and time.

iBox also gives valuable information to enable me to follow up with the other real estate agents to get feedback as to what their client felt about your home.

As a realtor, I find iBox invaluable. Never will you find one of those old rusty combination locks on any of the properties that I list. It’s just too easy to gain access to your home with a combination lockbox.

This is how I have gain the reputation that I have worked so hard for. I think of my clients and never compromising your safety or mine. I am always looking for the toward the latest technology to put me ahead of the average realtor.


Here’s What People Are Saying About Paul Slutsky, Real Estate Agent

The Search for a Real Estate Agent:

When I was looking for a real estate agent I contacted Paul Slutsky by email while still living up north. He replied promptly and arranged for us to have a phone discussion. During this time he described the real estate market in the Fort Lauderdale area and inquired about my housing needs and preferences. He also took the time to describe his approach as a real estate agent.  I was able to decide if I thought we would work well together during my search. Before I traveled to Florida to condo hunt, Paul scheduled appointments for a variety of places. All of these met my non-negotiable (e.g., two-bedroom) and were in my price range or just slightly higher.

Our First meeting:

During the first morning of viewing condos, Paul spent a great deal of our time (in the car and in the condos) getting to know me beyond my condo preferences. Paul made great suggestions that helped me focus on what was most important to me – city/town/neighborhoods and lifestyle. We found a great place and now that I am living in it, I can say it actually exceeds my expectations. Paul is a smart, warm and polite realtor with a keen sense of people. (I am a psychologist so I don’t use that phrase lightly). Paul is honest and diplomatically straight-forward, which is refreshing. I really felt that his goal was to help me find a home that I would be happy living in for many years to come. And, I believe that goal was not only met but exceeded. Thanks, Paul.

Edward Spauster,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

For more testimonials and to learn what people are saying about Paul Slutsky, Fort Lauderdale’s Premier Realtor, his expertise and how he listens and works with his clients: click here:

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Gay Pride in Fort Lauderdale This Year

Pride Fort Lauderdale, which celebrated its 40th Anniversary this year hit a home run with its beachfront venue on Sunday, February 26th. For many years, gay pride has been rather disjointed in my opinion. With an LGBTQ community as large and dynamic as Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale has, you would think that a Gay PRIDE festival would be a major extravaganza. Not so until this year. Prior years the event was held in Wilton Manors and even once in the neighboring city of Oakland Park, but never was it the magnitude of this year.

This year, the event planners for Gay Fort Lauderdale Pride chose to hold the event right on Fort Lauderdale Beach amongst the sand and ocean breeze, call it PRIDE FORT LAUDERDALE on the beach, and what a huge success it was. There has never been a turn out like this before.

The day was filled with the most diverse crowd of people all mixing and mingling and embracing one another. Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual Transgender and Hetrosexual all coming together dancing on one dance floor. Entertaining on the stage throughout the day was Erika Jane, Brian Justin Crum, Ty Herndon, DJ Wendy Hunt and DJ AJ Reddy. Everyone was considered. There was an alcohol-free dry area. There was an area where families could partake in arts and crafts and other wholesome activities. For those who have the need to feel special, the W Fort Lauderdale sponsored the Living Room VIP Lounge. There was even an area dedicated to the seniors of the community. You could reach out and feel the excitement in the air. It was an amazing day of utter enjoyment for the gay Fort Lauderdale community and their supporters.

The official Saturday Party was held at Alibi Monkey Bar and the official Sunday Party was held at the Manor, both located in Wilton Manors.


I Just Sold a Wilton Manors Townhouse

One of the newest townhouse communities being built just minutes from Wilton Manors is the Pointe at Middle River. The vacant land which used to be home to the famous restaurant Gibby’s for decades was purchased by K. Hovananian to build this luxury townhouse community.

The community offers potential its buyers forty, three bedroom, three bath ultra contemporary South Beach style townhomes set on the Middle River. There are two beautifully appointed models to choose from, the Selena or the Bonnett. Both models offer its homeowners a two car garage and are apporximately 2300 square feet. The gated commmunity located in Oakland Park is on the border of Wilton Manors. Its location is just about 15 minutes to Downtown For Lauderdale. Featured amenities include clubhouse as well as its own swimming pool overlooking the river.

Your choice of models
Some of the unique features of this property are the optional dumb waiter between the lower and main levels. The Selina model offers an oversized island kitchen. You can choice from a soaking tub or an enormous shower. Choice cable wire or contemporary glass wall along the staircase. These are just a few of the extraordinary features that make these townhomes so special to you. The Pointe at Middle River is priced in the mid $400,000 range.

I am proud to have been able to introduce my clients to this amazing community. It was love at first site and they signed a pre-construction contract to build. I look forward watching their newest piece of real estate be built knowing that I played an important part of their future happiness.

For more information on The Pointe at Middle River or any other condominium, townhouse or single family home contact me:
Paul Slutsky, Realtor
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Wilton Manors Welcomes its Newest Residents

Wilton Manors closing just off of Wilton Drive With the assistance of Paul Slutsky, Fort Lauderdale’s Premier realtor, Paulie Esposito is setteling into his new home in Wilton Manors, just walking distance from Wilton Drive. Prime real estate is a commodity in Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderale making it dificult to find a property that hits all the “wants” of a client.

Well, it was love a first sight when Paulie and his partner Alex set their eyes on this spacious 3 bedroom two full bath home just blocks “The Drive” in Wilton Manors. Paulie who is wheelchair bound came to me with some specific requests on is “must have list” and to have found a home this close to perfect was nothing short of a miracle.

This 1880 sq foot home built in 1947 features a bathroom with an extra wide door and a walk in shower making it wheelchair accessible. The home is situated all on one level allowing Paulie to manuver freely from one end of the home to the other without level changes amongst the floors as well as having no steps to climb.

For this Italian family, the kitchen is the heart of the home and this property is equipt with a sprawling kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a vaulted ceiling and enough space for the entire family to gather in come the holidays. A separate two car garage graces the massive grounds. The only thing missing is an in ground swimming pool and from what I understand it will not be long until this property has that too.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Paulie and Alex. Nothing excites me more than when I can be a part of someones life, helping them find the home of their dreams. I’m proud to have been able to assist this couple in finding the home where they will be making memories and dreams come true for years to come.

Special thanks to a special team: Paul Slutsky, Fort Lauderdale Realtor, Wanda Alday- Supreme Lending, Mark Thompso-Gregory B.Taylor, PA. #wiltonmanors #wiltonmanorshomes #paulsellshomes #witlonmanorsproperty #wltonmanorsrealtor




Pet Friendly Condos in Fort Lauderdale

We love our pets like we love our family but finding pet friendly buildings is not always an easy task.  Our pets are our family but when living with these lovable little creatures there’s a lot that must be considered.

Not all condos in Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors are pet friendly buildings. There are many rules and regulations a pet owner will encounter. It’s not just as simple as -yes pets are allowed or -no pets are not allowed.

Because a building says it is “pet friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to greet Fido with open arms if he weighs more than the allowed weight restriction. Almost all buildings in the areas surrounding Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors have weight restrictions for pets.

As a general rule, when searching for a pet friendly building here is how many of the associations classify which pets are allowed to reside in specific buildings.

1) Only cats are allowed
2) Only one cat
3) Only dogs
4) Dogs and cats are allowed
5) 1 dog under 20 lbs
6) 2 dogs under 20 lbs
7) 1 dog and 1 cat under 20lbs
8)1 dog under 40 lbs.
9) As many as you want but not to exceed 40 lbs.
10) Dogs under 60 lbs.
11) No aggressive breeds.
12) Owners are allowed pets but tenants are not
13) No pets allowed

As you can see, the rules are endless and can cause a great deal of frustration for a potential buyer who is looking to find the perfect home for himself and his “best friend” by the beach.

It’s best to work with a realtor knows who Fort Lauderdale. A realtor who knows which luxury condo on the Galt Ocean Mile accepts small dogs, or a realtor who knows which building in Wilton Manors allows multiple dogs over 60 lbs.

If you need more information for you and your furry friend, call or text me, Paul Slutsky at 954-560-8330. Rocco, my 20lb Aussipoo and I will be happy to help you and your family find a home. Just so you know, Rocco is always looking for new playmates too.

For dog friendly beaches visit:

Wilton Manors home goes under contract

Another Wilton Manors house goes under contract by Paul Slutsky, Realtor. Inspection done! Appraisal done!… After 26 years in the same home, my sellers are starting to pack. When I took the listing and became their realtor, I informed Adolfo and Denise that a typical home could take about 90 days to go to contract. Sure enough, on the 90th day this beautiful Mid Century Modern home in the Middle River Estates section of Wilton Manors went to contract. The new buyer for this 2000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 3 bath home will be just a short walk to Wilton Drive.  “The Drive” has become a thriving entertainment district, filled with eating establishments, art galleries and bars in the heart of the gay and lesbian community. This unique Wilton Manors home, constructed in the late 1950’s was built with vaulted ceilings and beams and planked with Dade County Pine, adding to its charm.  Conveniently accessable to the beach, Wilton Manors just borders on the edge of Fort Lauderdale. This home was listed at $469,000. If your’re looking for a realtor who gets the job done, call Paul Slutsky, Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors Premier Realtor and a member of the Leading Realtors of the World. For more information on Wilton Manors visit: