Heaven Must Have Sent an Angel

Heaven must have sent an angel.

Recently I listed a home in Fort Lauderdale for an elderly woman who was no longer able to live on her own. Her home was a distance away from her children and everyone decided it would be best for her to move closer to them.

Martha was a widow, who would love sharing stories with me about her late husband. A smile would come upon her face with every mention of her beloved Harry. She would tell me how their home was filled with love and she shared with me the memories they made. She would go on to talk about the wonderful life the two of them made for themselves in Fort Lauderale.

Harry and Martha lived in an active 55 plus senior community where they took advantage of as many of the planned activities as they could. From themed parties to excursions to the beach. Their neighbors became their extended family. They enjoyed lounging at the pool. Their lives were rich and fulfilled,  just the way they dreamed their retirement in Fort Lauderdale would be.

As time when on and as life has it, Harry and Martha began slowing down and were not able to partake in all the activities that an 55 plus community has to offer. Trips to the beach were less often. They visited the pool less often.

Eventually, Harry became ill.  There became a point where he was confined to their condominium. Still in his  home, he was surrounded by the love of his wife. His wife of 70 years.

Unfortunately, as Harry’s health continued to decline it was time for Hospice to be called in.

Gretchen was a Hospice nurse and assigned to help with Harry. She, along with Martha cared for him making his last days as comfortable as possible.  Gretchen was there until the day that Harry passed along.

Very difficult for Martha, sad and broken hearted, she stayed in her 55 plus condominium. She stayed for another 2 years. Eventually it was time for her to sell her 3 bedroom condominium and move to a place which was better suited for her. It was time for the difficult decision to sell her home.

Her family packed her up and found a wonderful, 1 bedroom co-op for Martha to move into. Her condo was placed on the market for sale. Buyers came and buyers went until a wonderful couple fell in love with the home where Martha and Harry lived. They made an offer and Martha accepted it.

Martha didn’t attend the actual closing but I did.

At the closing I was told by the buyers, they knew right away this was the condo for them. They knew the love and memories this home held. The buyer then told me she had been in the condo a few years ago. She lifted her head and looked me and said …my name Gretchen. As a tear came to my eye, we both smiled and knew Martha wasn’t at that closing, but we knew Harry certainly was.



Here’s What People Are Saying About Paul Slutsky, Real Estate Agent

The Search for a Real Estate Agent:

When I was looking for a real estate agent I contacted Paul Slutsky by email while still living up north. He replied promptly and arranged for us to have a phone discussion. During this time he described the real estate market in the Fort Lauderdale area and inquired about my housing needs and preferences. He also took the time to describe his approach as a real estate agent.  I was able to decide if I thought we would work well together during my search. Before I traveled to Florida to condo hunt, Paul scheduled appointments for a variety of places. All of these met my non-negotiable (e.g., two-bedroom) and were in my price range or just slightly higher.

Our First meeting:

During the first morning of viewing condos, Paul spent a great deal of our time (in the car and in the condos) getting to know me beyond my condo preferences. Paul made great suggestions that helped me focus on what was most important to me – city/town/neighborhoods and lifestyle. We found a great place and now that I am living in it, I can say it actually exceeds my expectations. Paul is a smart, warm and polite realtor with a keen sense of people. (I am a psychologist so I don’t use that phrase lightly). Paul is honest and diplomatically straight-forward, which is refreshing. I really felt that his goal was to help me find a home that I would be happy living in for many years to come. And, I believe that goal was not only met but exceeded. Thanks, Paul.

Edward Spauster,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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